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RFID Cable Tie Tags from DAILY are Generally Favored by Logistics and Supply Chain Industry [Nov 28,2013]
RFID Cable Tie Tags from DAILY are Generally Favored by Logistics and Supply Chain Industry

Nowadays, RFID cable tie tag, as a contactless automated identification technology product, has been extensively applied into industrial automation, business automation, logistics info automation and many other fields because this sort of RFID tags can recognize fast moving objects and identify multiple objects simultaneously without touch and any human intervention. Of late, a series of RFID cable tie tags have been launched by DAILY RFID, a leading professional RFID technology products manufacturer, aiming at accelerating the growth of logistics and realizing more intelligent logistics management.
Made of PVC, the newly released RFID cable tie tag 06 from DAILY has the operating frequency of UHF (860MHz~960MHz), allows 100,000 times reading & writing and works well in water and harsh outdoor environment. Available at H3 or H4 IC, this waterproof, disposable and flexible RFID cable tie tag has the reading distance ranging from 1m to 2.5m (depends on reader and IC type), which makes it appropriate for long range item identification, products tracking, inventory control and logistic management. Moreover, this smart RFID cable tie tag is optional with different colors like yellow and green, and could be customized with color, printing, numbering and so on.
As people know, logistics, an economic activity associated with production to consumption, provides satisfactory service for users by processing, transporting and switching products. In modern logistics, as the visual communication technology, bar code is easy to be rejected to read due to the abrasion and wrinkle, and it is difficult for barcode to identify a single product uniquely. At the same time, with the popularization of internet, the automation of enterprise production and logistics management becomes higher and higher, so that traditional barcodes cannot satisfy the requirements of modern intelligent logistics any more. Fortunately, the appearance of RFID cable tie tag overcomes these shortcomings that barcodes have, and it also can guarantee the data security through its own chip and provide larger information storage capacity.
In fact, RFID cable tie tag has the ability to take the place of bar code, relying on the merits of contactless recognition, fast reading rate, multiple identification, long reading distance, large storage ability and higher security. And thanks to the unparalleled advantages than barcodes, these RFID cable tie tags have been generally favored by logistics and supply chain industry.
Please find more info about RFID cable tie tag at DAILY RFID website.
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