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Personalized RFID Bracelets from DAILY Make Festivals More Gorgeous and Interesting [Nov 20,2013]
Personalized RFID Bracelets from DAILY Make Festivals More Gorgeous and Interesting

In the past, lots of people once were defeated by the purse, tickets and the long waiting line at the amusement parks or concerts. With the development of modern communication technology, the sponsors of large activities (like music concert) will provide personalized RFID bracelets as the admission tickets and a bran-new pattern of consumption. So in order to meet the market demand, DAILY RFID, a leading company whose mission is to develop and produce RFID technology products, has newly released a series of customized RFID bracelets that can be customized according to customers’ actual requirements.
RFID bracelet, put simply, belongs to a sort of RFID tags that are produced according to the shape of wristband, and it is very convenient and durable for user to wear on the wrist. What’s more, the personalized RFID bracelets are comfortable to wear, with decorative and of good-looking appearance, all of which can be divided into two parts, including disposable RFID wristband and reusable RFID wristband. In DAILY, RFID bracelets not only have the wonderful appearance, but also have brilliant performance when they are used for personnel identification, access control, and even cashless payment.
For example, embeded with an RFID transponder, RFID bracelet RW005 is a waterproof and rewearable wristband with environment-friendly material of 100% silicone, which can make a big splash at water parks across the nation. Available in kinds of attractive colors and sizes, personalized RFID bracelets can be molded or screen printed with the custom logo or promotional message. Working on the frequency of 125KHz or 13.56KHz, these bracelets are available in several IC types, including EM4100 series, TK4100, GK4100, Mifare series, I-CODE and so forth. Depending on different readers and IC types, RFID wristbands have the reading distance ranging from 5cm to 20cm.
Currently, there has been more than 40 large-scale feasts that use personalized RFID bracelets for entrance tickets or cashless payment and other occasions. Not only that, the party organizers also add RFID readers to identify, track and monitor the exhibits in the venues. Once booking the tickets, audience can make personalized RFID wristbands directly bind to their Facebook or Twitter account. In this way, audience can upload their favorite exhibits or shows that they see in festivals or concerts to social networking sites and share them at any time.
More importantly, RFID bracelets show great performance in a variety of applications, such as season pass, gym membership, cashless purchasing, access control and promotion / loyalty programs, etc. In a word, DAILY’s personalized RFID bracelets have the capacity to improve the visitors’ experience, increase the security and efficiency of access management, and make festivals more gorgeous and interesting.
Please find more info about personalized RFID bracelets at DAILY RFID website.
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